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To: Laxman Narasimhan, Starbucks CEO

Starbucks Workers Solidarity Petition

Starbucks claims to be a progressive company, but when it comes to respecting workers’ rights, you’re anything but progressive. As Starbucks customers, we are calling on you to stop stalling, get to the bargaining table, and negotiate a fair contract.

No Contract, No Coffee!

Why is this important?

Starbucks workers are engaged in one of the most visible, national organizing campaigns in decades. For more than a year, thousands of Starbucks workers have voted, marched, petitioned and protested to demand Starbucks respect their right to a union so they have a voice in their workplace over pay, scheduling and more.

Starbucks, which posted $3.3 billion in profits last year, has responded with a brutal, bullying anti-union campaign of threats, intimidation, firings, store closings and refusing to meet workers at the bargaining table–becoming one of the most prolific union-busters in modern U.S. history.

Its relentless campaign of union busting, has involved over 200 violations of federal labor law, according to administrative judges, including 30 unlawful discharges – runs counter to Starbucks’ carefully-cultivated image as a progressive company.

Starbucks cannot be an industry-leading, forward-thinking employer AND the country’s leading union-buster.

Now, more than ever, we must stand with Starbucks workers and demand Starbucks lives up to the values it claims to hold. To learn more about Starbucks Workers United and what workers are asking for, visit:



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